iBurn 2015

iBurn is back for 2015 with some killer new features! iBurn is an offline map, compass, and guide for the Burning Man art festival, crafted with love as a gift for the community. We hope you like it!

New in 2015:

* Nearby Mode: Quickly find what’s happening around you right now
* Improved Search: Try “bacon” or “coffee”
* Onboarding: You’ll like it
* Geocoder: Always shows your current Playa Address (e.g. 6:30 & Ballyhoo)
* Favorites now have their own tab
* Walking & Biking Estimates
* Improved table cells to include more relevant information
* Emojis Everywhere!
* Optimized for iOS 8 (we even got some Swift code in there now)

Still packing the features you love:

* Compass mode
* Custom map pins
* Event filtering
* Every public listing for Art Camps & Events (from PlayaEvents API)
* Works on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Want to help us make it even better? Get involved! iBurn is free and open source: https://github.com/Burning-Man-Earth/iBurn-iOS

OwlPixel Playa Events

Plan your Burn! Updated for Burning Man 2015.
The ultimate iOS app for planning your week at Burning Man 2015!

Browse all Burning Man 2015 events from gates open date till temple burn and:
1. See detailed event information including BRC map
2. Mark events as going to easily create a shortlist
3. Add interesting event occurrences to your calendar for easy planning

Make the most of your week at Burning Man 2015.
Works beautifully on both iPhones and iPads.

App is free, requires no registration and displays no ads.
Made with love as contribution to the community.

Important: Don’t use your iPhones ON the playa, the playa dust will kill your device, this app is for planning and getting informed in advance, not during the burn. 🙂


Theme Camp Organizing

I’ve developed a Drupal 7 module and database for managing registrations, classes, mealshifts, camp dues, and many other aspects of running a theme camp. It is written in PHP. I haven’t released it yet but I’d like to have collaborators share work in building out features. If you know Drupal or PHP and are interested in learning more, please be in touch.

Time To Burn

Called the must have app of 2013 by the Black Rock Beacon and SFGate! Back for 2014, with the freshest data around. Mmmm…smell the goodness! This the app that includes the survival guide, the What Where When information, the Rockstar Librarian Music Guide, a GPS enabled map of the city, camp listings, art listings, and your own personalized QR code so you can “bump” in the middle of the playa. No internet required, of course.

Lovingly brought to the citizens of Black Rock City, for free, by three people with huge amounts of talent, more than 30 years of playa experience between them, and never enough time on their hands! Remember: Safety Third and keep an eye out for petite beagles!

PlayaCompass 2015

Black Rock City can be a confusing place. The Playa Compass is a virtual map and compass to guide you. Playa Compass understands the layout of Black Rock City and shows you where you are on the pentagon, helps you find your way back to where you left your bike, and helps you navigate back to camp when the dust kicks up on the Playa. Unlike your GPS, Playa Compass knows your Playa Address – how many feet you are from the Man, and at what angle or clock hour. When you are in the city proper, where camps are established, Playa Compass displays the street address of your current location. You can use Playa Compass to navigate to specific Playa Addresses, and to mark locations that you would like to return to.

Playa Compass does not require access to the Internet to function. In August of each year, the “Golden Spike” is set, determining where the Man will be constructed. Playa Compass will be updated at that time to initialize with the Man’s location. When you are not located at BRC, Playa Compass operates in a Demo mode, with your starting location marking the Man. Be sure your GPS is turned on- some devices require this as a separate action.

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hoppercodes.playacompass&hl=en