Media Gallery

The media gallery is the central archive for Burning Man’s visual history.  It contains tens of thousands of images.  This API will allow pulling images and searching main galleries.  To request a key, please first review our developers guidelines, and then email with the following information:

  1. Full legal name
  2. Phone number
  3. Galleries contributor account email address or username
  4. Intended use

Once we have reviewed your request, we will either notify you of approval, or possibly request additional information.

Once your account has been updated, you may login and see under the your profile’s change password screen, your API key and secret hash.  Please avoid accidentally using your hash in URLs.

Search[authkey]&[optional parameters]


search=[string] Return results of any valid search string (default "")
restypes=[string] Limit search results to specific Resource Types (comma-separated list) (default all)
order_by=[string] Order by, ex. (colour, popularity, field12) (default= relevance)
sort=[string] Sort order ("ASC" or "DESC")
starsearch=[integer] Minimum # of stars (User Rated)
previewsize=[string] return a 'preview' url (ex: "thm","col","pre","scr")
content=[string] Return results as json or xml (default json without json headers)
page=[int] Select page of paginated results (changes result structure to pagination style)
results_per_page=[int] Paginate results (changes result structure to pagination style) (default 15)

If a signature is required, you must md5([yourhashkey].[querystring]) and submit it as a final parameter called skey. The query string you hash this with must not include a leading ‘?’, and must not include an skey parameter.

The simplest example of a signed call is:

Resource[authkey]&[optional parameters]


height=[int] Default 0 (ignored), the maximum height in pixels
width=[int] Default 0 (ignored), the maximum width
croph=[int] If all four crop options do not equal zero, crop is performed sized to w,h starting at x,y
align=[string] left|right|center
caption=[string] true|false
link=[string] true|false (default false). If "true", generates a link to the media gallery

Release Date: November 18, 2013
Authors: Tech Team
Contact: email
Key Required: Yes