iBurn is back for 2015 with some killer new features! iBurn is an offline map, compass, and guide for the Burning Man art festival, crafted with love as a gift for the community. We hope you like it!

New in 2015:

* Nearby Mode: Quickly find what’s happening around you right now
* Improved Search: Try “bacon” or “coffee”
* Onboarding: You’ll like it
* Geocoder: Always shows your current Playa Address (e.g. 6:30 & Ballyhoo)
* Favorites now have their own tab
* Walking & Biking Estimates
* Improved table cells to include more relevant information
* Emojis Everywhere!
* Optimized for iOS 8 (we even got some Swift code in there now)

Still packing the features you love:

* Compass mode
* Custom map pins
* Event filtering
* Every public listing for Art Camps & Events (from PlayaEvents API)
* Works on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Want to help us make it even better? Get involved! iBurn is free and open source: https://github.com/Burning-Man-Earth/iBurn-iOS

Release Date: August 21, 2015
Device OS: iOS and Android
Authors: Chris Ballinger, David Brodsky, David Chiles, Savannah Henderson, Andrew Johnstone / Haggis
Contact: email
Version: 2015