OwlPixel Playa Events

Plan your Burn! Updated for Burning Man 2015.
The ultimate iOS app for planning your week at Burning Man 2015!

Browse all Burning Man 2015 events from gates open date till temple burn and:
1. See detailed event information including BRC map
2. Mark events as going to easily create a shortlist
3. Add interesting event occurrences to your calendar for easy planning

Make the most of your week at Burning Man 2015.
Works beautifully on both iPhones and iPads.

App is free, requires no registration and displays no ads.
Made with love as contribution to the community.

Important: Don’t use your iPhones ON the playa, the playa dust will kill your device, this app is for planning and getting informed in advance, not during the burn. 🙂


Release Date: August 7, 2015
Device OS: iOS
Authors: OwlPixel
Contact: email
Version: v1.0