Finding your way around Black Rock City seems easy when you first arrive – all the street signs are all there, and it seems you can always walk five or ten steps and see where you are. Then more camps are set up, and a little dust kicks up – and pretty soon just EXACTLY where you are starts to get a little sketchy… and unimportant… till it is important for some reason! The HopperCodes team has nothing against wandering, in the sense of exploring, but when you are wandering with a purpose – as in looking for your bike (!), it is good to have a sense of place.

PlayaGPS reports your Playa Address (as in 5:45 Donatello) and compass heading – and with it's large high contrast display, it is visible in the harshest of noonday lighting. You can mark a spot with PlayaGPS and navigate back to it with confidence. And unlike most GPS units, you don't have to be moving to know which direction to go, as the software uses the electronic compass in your Android device as well as the GPS receiver to navigate.

PlayaGPS is for Android devices, is open source, free, and respects your privacy – the only permission requested is to access the GPS. When outside the perimeter, the display reads the miles to BRC – and when inside, where you are, and how far you are from where you left something. What more do you need? Info at; download at

Release Date: July 25, 2016
Device OS: Android
Authors: Joe Miller and Dave Aslanian
Contact: email