Time To Burn 2018

Called the “must have app” by the Black Rock Beacon and SFGate! Back for 2017, with the freshest data around. Mmmm…smell the goodness! This is the app that has all the camps, artwork, and playa calendar events, and also the Rockstar Librarian Music Guide. What’s that? You also want a GPS enabled map of the city, and your own personalized QR code so you can “bump” in the middle of the playa? Sure! No problem! Let’s also throw in quick & easy access to the official Burning Man traffic reports, and a built in packing checklist.

Lovingly gifted to the citizens of Black Rock City by three people with huge amounts of talent, more than 30 years of playa experience between them, and never enough time on their hands! Remember: Safety Third and keep an eye out for petite beagles!

Release Date: August 7, 2018
Device OS: iOS and Android
Authors: Wizard, Xtopher, and Rockstar Librarian
Contact: email
Version: 2018.1