Printable Playa Schedule

A web app that lets you export the full list of Burning Man events & art installations to an Excel spreadsheet for easy reading, sorting, printing, & pre-burn excitement. These are all the same events you'll find on the official Playa Events page, but with Excel, you can quickly skim through the list & create a little quick-reference booklet to print & bring to the Playa. Plus, the spreadsheet includes camp locations, which aren't available on the official Playa Events page until Burning Man actually begins.

Tip: Once I've gone through & made a trimmed-down list of events I'm interested in, I like to sort by "type," then the "date" columns. That groups all the food in one section, parties in another, art in another, etc – and within each section you can skim down the current day's column to see what's happening at a moment's notice. When you're hungry, just flip to the food page! 🙂

Release Date: August 11, 2023
Device OS: Web App
Authors: Justin Klein