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Tracking down friends at Burning Man used to be harder
than cleaning playa dust out of gold-sequined booty shorts.

This free app lets you and your peeps easily share camp info with
each other, generating a personalized, printable map. Just don’t
forget to pack it along with your goggles, led fairy lights, and
Grandma Glitter’s Homestyle Gamma Ray Bacon Baker.

EDITOR’S NOTE: BurnerMap is live. Check for updates.

Unofficial BRC Map

First of all, the Unofficial BRC Map would not be possible without YOUR PARTICIPATION. We’re merely the shell for all your shiny pearls of information! Thank you to all of our gracious contributors!

This is a passion project by a small group of people who love Black Rock City and also maps! We collect placement information voluntarily from camps and artists who wish to share their approximate location in advance of arriving to the playa. Of course, our pin placements are only good guesses and may not reflect reality for those lucky enough to travel to the playa in person. Our map should give you a decent idea of what you might find in your neighborhood, but you’ll certainly find even more and better attractions once you’re there!


Garmin GPS Map of Black Rock City


Going to Burning Man? You’ll need to know what events are going on, what camps to visit and where to find the best art! Dust provides an offline experience make your burn awesome.


  • Find events by day, category, theme camp or search
  • Find art by search or listing
  • Find theme camps by search or listing
  • Map locations for Art and Theme Camps
  • Favorite events, Art and Theme Camps
  • Get notified when your favorite event is about to start
  • Find DJ Sets from Rock Star Librarian and get notified when a set starts
  • Works offline

This is an unofficial app with data source from and
Location information is hidden until the event starts on Sunday.

Time To Burn 2023

The gold standard of electronic references for the playa: camps, events, music guide, map, packing list, and so much more.

Queerburners Event Directory (PDF)

If you are planning an event for Burning Man that will be of interest to LGBTQIA+ burners, you’ll want to know about this. This year, Queerburners will be distributing a downloadable, printable guide to all the queer events and camps on playa.

iBurn 2023

iBurn is back for 2023! iBurn is an unofficial offline map, compass, and guide for the Burning Man art festival, crafted with love as a gift for the community. We hope you like it!

Printable Playa Schedule

A web app that lets you export the full list of Burning Man events & art installations to an Excel spreadsheet for easy reading, sorting, printing, & pre-burn excitement. These are all the same events you'll find on the official Playa Events page, but with Excel, you can quickly skim through the list & create a little quick-reference booklet to print & bring to the Playa. Plus, the spreadsheet includes camp locations, which aren't available on the official Playa Events page until Burning Man actually begins.

Tip: Once I've gone through & made a trimmed-down list of events I'm interested in, I like to sort by "type," then the "date" columns. That groups all the food in one section, parties in another, art in another, etc – and within each section you can skim down the current day's column to see what's happening at a moment's notice. When you're hungry, just flip to the food page! 🙂