Thank you very much for your interest in creating an Application for use by participants attending Burning Man. We have made some event related data public via this site. The Burning Man APIs and datasets are available for non-commercial use by community developers. The data represents information already publicly available on our websites and any additional data was provided by Theme Camps, Artists and others who have opted to have their data made available for your innovative efforts.

As you are considering developing an Application, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • DO: Create Apps that are developed to provide useful services and with the best interest of the Community. Some helpful functions such as event listings, artist listings, rideshares, a burner glossary, or driving directions.
  • DO: Remember that your App is viewable by the public and should reflect positively on our community, Burning Man, and Burning Man related entities.
  • DO NOT: Create Apps with adult content, references to illegal activities, or other inappropriate content.
  • DO NOT: Create product guides, commercial products or commercially linked tools.
  • Naming – Please refrain from using the terms Burning Man, Black Rock City, and Decompression when naming your App. These are protected by trademark and copyright laws.
  • Distribution – In keeping with the Burning Man Gift Economy, you should provide your App downloadable for FREE to participants and interested users.
  • Disclaimer – Please include a disclaimer in your App that states “This App is not officially produced or endorsed by the Burning Man organization.”
  • Resources – If developing for mobile, notify your users during install about permissions your app is seeking (location, camera, photos, etc.).
  • Imagery – Please do not use a photo of The Man or a Man Logo. These images are also protected by trademark and copyright laws. Any image use must be rights cleared by contacting press (at) burningman (dot) org . Visit Burning Man Image Use Guidelines for more information.
  • API Keys – Please familiarize yourself with our key policies.  You are responsible for what happens with your keys.
  • Privacy – You can read up on our privacy policies here.